About Us

About Us


Two fathers developed Display 4 Bows after seeing the many cheer bows their daughters had accumulated over the years in competitive cheer.

In celebration of their hard work and memorable achievements the girls would display the bows around their room using tacks on the wall.

Their daughters’ love for this sport provided their father’s with the idea to manufacture display racks.

It was not long before the fathers realized that they had created something much more than a cheerleading bow display Rack. We quickly learned that other sports like soccer, volleyball, basketball, lacrosse and field hockey also used hair bows as part of their team’s uniforms. This opened the Display 4 Bows to many markets and exciting growth took place

In addition to the hard earned bows these athletes Display like trophies on our bow holder, they are finding that their bows are holding their glitter and team names longer because they are not being thrown in drawers or be shuffled around the room. Instead, the are displayed on the wall like trophies reminding them of their hard work and dedication to their sport.


Display 4 Bows was developed with all daughters in mind. It’s not just a display rack for bows but a way to celebrate hard work and dedication. The display rack can be used to celebrate any sport that wears bows: cheer, softball, volleyball, soccer, and many more.

My bow is my crown. My uniform is my dress.

My gym is my castle. The fans are my subjects.

My glitter is my magic.

I am a PRINCESS and long shall I reign!

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Chearleading & Other Sports:

All Cheerleaders and other athletes want to display their cheer bows proudly. Our bow holder acts as a trophy case to enshrine all of the cheerleading competitions you attend, and organizes them into a life time of memories. You will look at our bow display racks as a trophy case of times past.